The Server-side and The Client-side (Backend vs frontend)

It is easy to explain what part of a client/server relationship you would like to handle by analyzing the frontend (client side) and the backend (server side) of a website.

The client side means that your focus is on the front end, which is the part of the website you can view in the browser. You can think of a frontend as everything a user can see and experience when they refer to the site.

The server side,"back end" is a part of the site that is not easily visible, but it is responsible for handling a lot of the logic and functionality that makes the site work. The "back end" is simply the place where information is stored, sent, and received behind the scenes.

Web developers can be classified into three separate groups: frontend, backend, and full stack.

In frontend development, programmers use scripting languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop the layout and design of web pages. The category is a good match for someone who enjoys fine-tuning details.

In backend web development, developers maintain the infrastructure of a website. They use languages like Java, Python, and Ruby, along with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This kind of web development is for someone who cares more about functionality than design.

In web development, Full Stack Web Developers take care of both sides.

Even if you don't know which of these is better fit for you yet, keep practicing and exploring! The more you do, the more obvious it will be.

This course will focus more on the frontend development category (with html, css, JavaScript) but if you are just starting out to be a Backend developer, it's good you know the basics of this also and later on further into Backend skills.

Or better still, if you have known the basics of html and css already, you can take the JavaScript course to learn more about scripting.

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