Guide to become a Professional Hacker

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Welcome! This is what you have been searching for. This post will be updated regularly so that you can easily navigate through this blog and its knowledge. Before we start I want to remind you of a very important perspective, take it as a caution.

It is always you who is responsible for the knowledge or wisdom you gained and also it is you who is responsible for your actions with your knowledge. Providing and sharing knowledge is primitive and the only way for any subject or culture to survive.

The above quote can be reduced to: "This blog is for Educational Purpose Only"

Social Media Platform for Hackers

Straight to the point: There are many social media platforms for regular groups and many of the Hacking/Programming/Cyber-Seciruty information groups are hosted on these platforms. But we at Leewardslope want to create a separate and dedicated platform for hackers and cybersecurity experts for organized discussions.

Want to join us and follow your favorite hacker and get realtime updates and news? Why wait then, Join Us at Leeward Hackers.

Under Construction, we will be back soon.

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Hacking is an art, and it takes years of practice to master it. So how to get started? Having no idea about hacking is okay, but being a newbie with computers, in general, is not allowed. When I say beginner, I mean someone who has no experience with programming and with hacking methodologies. I didn’t mean someone who needs a one-page guide on how to download a tool. If you want to be a hacker, you have to work hard. So how to get started?