Hello World

Before you start with this, I hope you have an installed VSCode and NodeJS; In case, for some reason, you are not into it and would like to move forward without installing those, there is always an alternate way. So, I would suggest you create a Playcode account.

After the creation of your Playcode account, you will see something like this.

From the above image, let's focus on the Project Name (Untilted) and script.js file. To start, let's change the name of our project; I like to name it as Learning JS. Also, as we discussed earlier, this course is focused mainly on Javascript without prior knowledge of any Programming Language and HTML & CSS; it still holds; ignore those index.html and style.css files. In most parts of this course, we will focus on editing the script.js

To begin with, let's edit the script.js file. Delete all the previous content and insert the below-mentioned code.

console.log('hello world')
Paste this in the script.js of the Playcode editor.
Now the console section of the editor got updated according to our script.js file. 

This post is intended to make sure you have a working development environment. If, by chance, you are already familiar with VSCode and NodeJS, it's well and good. Still, if you are facing any issues during the installation process of VSCode or NodeJS, the web editor of Playcode is good enough for continuing with this course.

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