Learn Javascript without prior knowledge of any programming language

It has been a while I wrote articles that are not related to cyber security and self-hosting. Even though I was never motivated to write a complete series on Javascript, the unavailability of a good javascript course independent of prior programming knowledge or  HTML & CSS made me start this course.

Many javascript courses focus on Web Development, or ReactJS or NodeJS. This itself makes it hard for beginners to start learning JS. It creates a very steep learning curve with some prior knowledge. This course was structured so that anyone interested in learning JS without any idea of other programming languages can follow along easily. Suppose you are familiar with any other programming languages or have an idea about data structures and algorithms. In that case, you will have a fantastic time learning more about the possibilities that JS can offer.

What you should expect from this course

  • Fundamentals of Javascript
  • Learn how javascript works behind the scenes for conceptual clarity
  • Latest syntax and best practices
  • Code snippets, which can be used for future references and as a library while working on a JS project
  • Datastructures and Algorithms (Can help you in landing an excellent job)

How to improve upon this?

At the end of this course, I will start two more courses related to ReactJS and NodeJS—focusing on MERN Stack. This way, you can even have continuity towards web development.

Prerequisites for this course

  • It would be best to be more into reading and learning than watching videos; after all, videos cannot be updated and get outdated frequently.
  • Even though this is a beginners course, we will use advanced tools. I don't prefer different tools for an extra level of experience. Let's use the best tools we can get hold of.

    Tools that I expect you to install are VSCode and NodeJS; There are many other resources to install them. I might write a detailed post on it, but you can take references from the official documentation for now. The install process is straightforward, download the executable file and install them; nothing fancy here.
  • I'm repeating it; there is no need for you to know anything related to programming. A brief idea would always help you understand a bit faster.

Even though I mentioned that there is a prerequisite of VSCode and NodeJS, but is not mandatory. An isolated development environment is always considered as one of the best developer practices. If you are facing issues during the installation or have other alternatives, or prefer to work within the browser, the choice is always up to you.

If you ask me to provide a better alternative, I suggest you create an account in Playcode. And to complement it, I also would suggest you go through this post, the Hello World post, in which I elaborated a bit about this website.

List of topics published

One of the advantages of textbook learning is that it provides us with a good index, but we lack that in many online tutorials. I'll update this section whenever there is a related post, which can act as an index.

All the articles mentioned below are arranged in a particular order. Also, you can always skip a specific topic and move forward, but I strongly suggest you go through them at least once.

This site is free of advertisements, and I will not earn even a penny based on your views. I'm doing this to brush up on my skills and also share them with you. So, look at every post at least once; if you already knew that topic, it will help you recall.

What is Javascript
JavaScript (JS) is a lightweight, interpreted, or just-in-time compiled programming language with first-class functions. While it is most well-known as the scripting language for Web pages, many non-browser environments also use it, such as Node.js, Apache CouchDB and Adobe Acrobat. JavaScript is a…
In this, I will introduce the definition of Javascript.
A brief introduction to Javascript
Now that we know what javascript is, at least a kind of sense, let’s see other parts of it. In other words, what do we use it for? And to answer that question, let’s look at the following. The role of Javascript in Web DevelopmentHTML, CSS and Javascript are the
In this, we will explore javascript from a broader perspective.
Hello World
Before you start with this, I hope you have an installed VSCode and NodeJS; In case, for some reason, you are not into it and would like to move forward without installing those, there is always an alternate way. So, I would suggest you create a Playcode account and within
How can we start without writing/displaying Hello World?
Code Commenting
In programming, we use comments to comment code literally or to deactivate code without deleting it. There are two different main types of comments, the single line and multi line comments. In this course, I will use the single line comment in most of my demonstrations. Single Line Comment// This
Commenting on code will help us recall the logic we used to attain certain functionality.
Values and Variables
In this section, we will dive into actually javascript programming. I am assuming that you already know the definition of javascript and its importance in contemporary modern web development. Also, if you are a new javascript, I would suggest you use Playcode, which will help you tag along with me
Let's dive into the actual javascript programming.
Conventions and Rules for naming Variables
As we discussed previously, variables are instrumental in any programming language and without variables, I would have to change the value everywhere manually. But with variables everywhere we reference the variable, it will automatically get adjusted to the new and updated value. For a detailed int…
Rules and Conventions exist for a reason.
Introducing Primitive Data Types
In the last few lectures, we discuss Values & Variables and Convention and Rules for naming Variables. Values can have different types in every programming language, depending on the kind of data we want them to hold. And we already saw strings and numbers but there are more data types.
The core of any programming language is its ability to connect the programmer with the computational machine.
Dynamic Typing in Javascript
In the previous section, we have seen that there are seven primitive data types in javascript, but there is another fundamental thing to know about types. Which is the fact that javascript has a feature called Dynamic Typing. This article contains a lot of abstraction, so I would suggest you
Dynamic typing is awesome for beginners.
Declaring a Variable in Javascript
Up until this point, I only used the keyword let to declare a variable; however, there are also const and var. Let’s now take a look at the three different ways of declaring variables in javascript. To be precise let and const are introduced in ES6(ES2015), so they are
Both in mathematics and programming, everything starts to make sense when we look at it from the point of view of variables.
Basic Operators of Javascript
Let’s start by defining what an Operator is. An Operator allows us to transform values or combine multiple values and do all kinds of work with values. And there are many categories of Operators like Mathematical Operators, Comparison Operators, Logical Operators, Assignment OperatorsAnd many more.…
In javascript, operations make your life easier.
Operator Precedence
In this post, we are going to talk about the precedence of operators. I want to demonstrate it with one of our previous codes. Also, in a typical math course, you might have come across bracket notation and BODMAS rules for solving various problems, but in a programming language, how
In order to efficiently use operations, you should know its precedence. 
Strings and Template literals
Strings are an essential part of programming, so let’s now learn about an easy way to build strings using something called Template Literals. Let’s start this by creating a new variable with some random person data; in this case, I will use my details. const firstName = ‘Akhil’; const secondName = ’…
I love template literals.
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