Understanding the Web

In order to not get lost in this post, the Internet has three key components:

  • Websites: a collection of files and information we access through our computers and servers
  • Servers: a massive network of computers that stores the website data
  • Browsers: the programs that load and display your website on your computer. (Chrome or Firefox)

What is the web

The World Wide Web, or WWW, W3, or Web, is a network of websites or public webpages accessible via the Internet. The Web, however, is not the same as the Internet since it is one of many components on top of the Internet. (Let me say it's an Internet subset).

How the web works

The basis of a website is simply a collection of files stored on a computer called a server, which is connected to the internet. Once that website is loaded, you can access it through your browser on a computer or smartphone. The browser is a client in this case.

Clients are internet-connected devices usually used by web users(like you)

As an example, a user can access this website by typing in "https://leewardslope.com/" in the URL bar. A leewardslope server will then decide what information should be returned to the requester (user). Clients and servers exchange information back and forth in order to make the internet work.

The client and the server aren't the only parts that we need to mention, you also need to get to know these;

  • The internet connection: It allows you to send and receive data over the web.
  • TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol are protocols that regulate how data is transmitted over the internet.
  • Domain Name Servers : The DNS serves as a website's address book. When you type in a web address into your browser, the browser consults the DNS for the real address of the website before it can retrieve it.
  • Hypertext Transfer protocol: HTTP is a protocol that provides a means for clients and servers to communicate with each other via the internet.

That's it, this doesn't sounds complicated, does it? Let look more into the development part in the subsequent articles.

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