What is NextJS

NextJS is a framework built on top of React that gives you the flexibility of building scalable apps by allowing you to render content on the server.

It is a full-stack framework; you won't be just building the front-end of your application but also the backend. This is possible because NextJS provides us with a node server out of the box.

NextJS is the future of React Apps, so I'm really excited to teach this course.

Also, NextJS is known as the React framework for production, and we will discuss it within this post and throughout the course.

In React, you always render content on the client; there is no server, but with NextJS, you can choose to do that on the client, on the server or a mix of both. Also, you can choose to render the client in your browser on one page whereas choose to do something else on the server for another page. It is flexible and has this hybrid approach, and this is why we will be able to build really scalable and highly performant applications.

NextJS is built on top of React, and if you know React, you will feel right at home with NextJS, which allows you to take your React application to the next level.

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